What’s New For BLITZ in 2020-21?

Some things stay the same, like the coverage of our local schools in athletics ranging from football all the way to competition cheerleading. For years, there have been some sports that fall to wayside due to a lack of schools carrying that program. So beginning with the 2020-21 school year, BLITZ will now feature some new coverage.


BUT FIRST….As always, we have a new hype video to tease 2020-21! This video has a lot of local stars who we expect to be front and center this year.


Sports that will now be covered as well as possible (at the mercy of accessible information), include swimming and precision rifle. Of our 12 local schools, four have a rifle program (Dawson, Lumpkin, Stephens, and Tallulah Falls). More participate in swimming, including Dawson, Habersham, Jefferson, Lumpkin, Tallulah Falls, and Union. Other more obscure sports recognized by GHSA that our coverage area contains includes bass fishing (only Commerce and Tallulah Falls locally compete) and eSports (Tallulah Falls).

The school with the most sports actively competing in is Dawson County and Lumpkin County, which both feature 20 varsity recognized sports. Commerce, Habersham, Jefferson, and Stephens all have 19, Banks, Rabun, Tallulah Falls, and White offer 18, Union has 17, and Towns offers 15 varsity sports.


Our selection of Players of the Week will continue in 2020-21 the way it did last year. Each sport will have a POW weekly throughout the year. There will be a call from coaches for nominations, and a public vote will allow a “Fan Vote” POW. BLITZ will then pick its own for that sport if we feel that someone other than the leading vote-getter has earned the honors as well.

For football, we will continue also recognizing a Defensive Player of the Month throughout the football season. This was successful last season, and will include a Fan Vote and BLITZ Pick for dual winners.

Nothing changes for Player of the Year awards. That is not public, but consists of an official panel who votes for that award.


BLITZ Interviews, in light of the current coronavirus situation, MIGHT be less frequent for the time being. We will still be attempting interviews, but coaches and teams may not want the close interaction for awhile. We will only do these if the coach and player(s) on camera are comfortable.


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