Volleyball Preview 2020: Union County

Union County’s Elite 8 run in 2019 made history for such a young program. Where does it go from here?

Head Coach: Anna Chapman, 1st Season
2019 Record:
15-20; State Elite 8; Region Runner-Up; #8 State Ranking

Union County made school history with its most wins (15), first Elite 8 trip, and best finish in area, as well as first time being ranked.


Key Departures: Adelia Pyle

Key Returning Players: Haley Noe, Morgan Fussell, Emma Whicker, Saylor Noe, Molly Kay West, Riley Allison

The Lady Panthers move on from five seniors that are now out of the program. That’s a huge hit. Especially since they also lost five the season prior to that. There are some holdover pieces that will no doubt we stronger with the experience they’ve had.

Strengths & Areas of Focus

Strengths: Momentum off an historic run in 2019. Now…will the girls use that to move forward?

Focusing On: Filling the shoes of Adelia Pyle. That has to be a conversation or thought. She was the undisputed leader in a lot of ways last year for Union.


  • I noticed a few errors in your article.
    1. Coach Swanson is not the head coach anymore. The new head coach is Anna Chapman
    2. Maci Williams is not returning to play for the Lady Panthers Volleyball team.
    3. Your key returning players are Haley Noe, Morgan Fussell, Emma Whicker, Saylor Noe, Molly Kay West, and Riley Allison.


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