Boys Tennis Player of the Year – Marcus Berninger

Going Back-to-Back is Marcus Berninger in winning the BLITZ Player of the Year award. He dominated his opponents, and also took 13 of the 16 1st-place votes to secure the award.


  • 5-1 RECORD
  • 55-4 Career W-L

The Dragons’ senior was on his way to going above 60 wins for his career. He lost just one time this season, and four times in his entire career.


  1. Marcus Berninger – 73 pts (13 1st-place votes)
  2. Zhiyang Shu – 28.75 (2)
  3. Jeb Barnette – 28.25 (1)
  4. Pierce Martin – 26.5
  5. Laken Ferrell – 18.75
  6. Andrew Rabern – 11.75
  7. Garrett Roberson – 9

Voting for Player of the Year is performed by an internal voting panel consisting of mostly local sports reporters, as well as a small group of former officials, former players, and former coaches. The panel ranks the finalists in order, producing a Heisman-style voting point total.


2020 – Marcus Berninger (Jefferson SR #1 Singles)
2019 – Marcus Berninger (Jefferson JR #1 Singles)
2018 – Gabe Martin (Banks SR #1 Singles)
2017 – Trey Wilcox (Tallulah Falls SR #1 Singles)
2016 – Trey Wilcox (Rabun JR #1 Singles)
2015 – Trey Wilcox (Rabun SO #1 Singles)
2014 – Justin Yang/Gatlin Boswell (Banks SR #2 Doubles)
2013 – Bobby Nguyen (Banks JR #3 Singles)
2012 – Jake Schaefer (Banks JR #1 Singles)
2011 – Will Jarrard (Lumpkin SR #1 Singles)
2010 – Thomas Flowers (White SR #1 Singles)

Berninger wins it in back-to-back fashion, making him the second-ever to repeat. Only Trey Wilcox won it more times (3 straight with Rabun and Tallulah Falls).


With Berninger moving on, one could make a great argument for Pierce Martin (Banks), who could follow in his brother’s footsteps and win it as a senior. Garrett Roberson (Commerce) is the only finalist coming back, so those two would be the early front-runners.

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