Girls Track & Field Athlete of the Year finalists

We took a great many nominees, and somehow narrowed that pool down to a solid finalist group. Now we ask you to VOTE for ONE LAST FINALIST to join these young ladies. Then, BLITZ will vote Heisman-style (ranking the finalists) through our private internal voting panel to determine the Athlete of the Year. Vote below or at for the last finalist, through April 25 at 3 PM!

REMEMBER, these are unprecedented times. For track & field, that means we had two choices – fail to recognize an athlete of the year, or go ahead based on mostly data from the known athletes who were set for a big year (based off last season’s nominee list). We don’t want to go without honoring someone, so we chose the latter.


Reid Kafsky (Tallulah Falls SR 100/200/400/LJ/TJ)

STATS/2019: 100m PR 12.98; 200m PR 27.75; 400m PR 1:05.23; LJ – 14′ 8 1/2; TJ – 33′ 4; 4×1 (ran any leg)

Rachel Lovell (White SR HJ)

STATS/2019: High Jump Region RU & State 5th

Lauren Massey (Commerce SO PV)

STATS/2019: PJ (9’0”); Area 4 RU & State RU

Anna Moore (Jefferson SR PV)

STATS/2019: Pole Vault Region Champion  & State Champion; PR 11’4″

Jada Pittman (Jefferson SO LJ/100 MH/200 MH/Relays)

STATS/2019: Long Jump Region Champion & State 5th / 100 M Region Champion & State 4th / 200 M Region RU & State Qualifier / 4×100 Region Champion & State 3rd

Zoe Sanchez (Union SR 1600/3200)

STATS/2019: 1600 M Region Champion & State RU / 3200 M Region Champion & State Champion



  • The voting isn’t very accurate. My whole crew just voted for a nominee and it still says the same number for that child. Should have gone up by 27 votes.


    • Hey Jazmyn, read the voting page at 100% of the time if none of the troubleshooting works it means you triggered the cooldown. Especially when you say the whole crew is voting. Nothing wrong with voting as much as you can and want, but sometimes that triggers the built in cooldown period.


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