Girls Tennis Player of the Year finalists

It’s never easy to take such a talented group of players down to a small finalist pool. But we have successfully taken a large number of nominees down to 6 finalists. As with other sports, you now get to partake in the Fan Vote “ONE LAST FINALIST” to determine who will be the 7th and final finalist up for the award. That voting is open now through April 23 at 3 PM.


Bella Brock (Lumpkin JR #2 Singles)

Photo by LC Athletics

STATS: 6-1

Samantha Hafermalz (Dawson SR #2 Singles, #1 Doubles)

Photo by DC Tennis

STATS: 100% wins

Bryanna Ligon (Commerce SR)

STATS: 4-0

Sarah Moore (Jefferson SR #1 Singles)

Photo by JHS Athletics

STATS: 4-2

Chloe Smith (Banks JR #1 Singles)

Photo by Crump Photo

STATS: 7-0


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