VOTE for BLITZ Play of the Year

Each season since 2017, we have published a “Play of the Week” from each football game we attended. At season’s end, we sort through the Plays of the Week and rank them based on the athleticism, the importance of that play, etc. Then we put it to a vote for you to determine our official Play of the Year. ALL PLAYS #1-14 are listed below.

NOTE: These plays come from the games we were at. If we were not at a game, we would have no footage of a play. There are obviously handfuls of plays we missed out on by not being at a particular game.

VOTE to your heart’s content! Here’s the voting schedule
RND 1: Dec 12-13
FINALS: Dec 18-19

RND 1 VOTING (DEC 12-13)

#1 & #2 Receive a BYE

#3 (Stockton 100th TD) vs #11 (Mancuso 47-yd TD)

#4 (Pickett 40-yd TD) vs #12 (Sprinkle Scoop-n-Score)

#5 (Robinson 60-yd PR TD) vs #9 (Stockton TOUGH 13-yd TD)

#6 (Hicks back of end zone TD) vs #10 (Stockton-Adams go-ahead TD)

#7 (Spurlock trick play TD) vs #13 (Thomas diving catch up middle)

#8 (Pickett 56-yd TD) vs #14 (Brock 24-yd TD)

The previous two Plays of the Year came from Rabun County:

2018 – Braxton Hicks’ incredibly athletic TD catch in RND 1 from Gunner Stockton

2017 – Austin Jones’ 73-yd TD in semifinals sends Rabun to Championship


#1: Shawn Thomas season-opening 95-yd kickoff return for TD

2019 Bob & Teds GIF

#2: Joshua Pickett diving TD catch from Ryte Woodruff

#3: Gunner Stockton 100th Career TD against rivals Union in Region Title game

#4: Joshua Pickett 40-yd TD catch from Ryte Woodruff

#5: Kam Robinson 60-yd punt return for TD

#6: Braxton Hicks 27-yd TD catch in back of end zone from Gunner Stockton

#7: Hudson Spurlock catches trick play TD pass

#8: Joshua Pickett reverses the field for a 56-yd TD

#9: Gunner Stockton TOUGH 13-yd TD run

#10: Gunner Stockton – Sam Adams go-ahead TD in Sweet 16

#11: John Mancuso 47-yd TD


#12: Mason Sprinkle Scoop-N-Score TD in the rain

#13: Jesse Thomas diving catch up the middle from J Ben Haynes

#14: Tyleon Brock 24-yd TD run

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