Tight-knit Lady Indians are young, but seeking deep playoff run [VIDEO]

The Lady Indians turned the page to a new era with the start of the 2019-20 season last week. The era of “life without Nyah Williams” includes only half of the Sweet 16 group from last season.

Despite the young mix of talent on the roster, head coach Brandy Corbett knows you don’t replace a generational player like Williams, who scored nearly 2,000 career points, in one move.

“Definitely in pieces,” says Corbett on the monumental task of filling Williams’ shoes. “She really bought into in order for the team to be the best, she had to support the younger players. Encouraging others and giving them opportunities…While we are a very young team this year, we have had at least three people in double digits, sometimes four. By the end of the season…I could see us having a lot more scorers on this team.”

The Lady Indians may be arguably better this season despite losing their top player in program history. That has a lot to do with Williams’ unselfish style of play last season that helped build up the roster around her, and also the return of star guards Lillie Free and Katy Corbett.

This season, the chemistry at TFS has been instrumental in the team gelling on the court.

“The chemistry this season is absolutely amazing,” says junior guard Corbett. “Definitely considering the fact that we have a lot of new girls this year, and they weren’t really with us over the summer. So for them to be able to come in here and us pick up where we have…I’m just so glad they joined our team.”

Free is one of only two seniors on the roster, and has big aspirations for this year.

“I want to do whatever I can for the team,” says Free. “I want the underclassmen to shine. They’re the upcoming kids. It’s going to make me look good too…I like the energy we have out on the court.”

Still, the girls would like better than a 3-2 start they currently have, though there is a silver lining.

“Not only are we dealing with a team with a lot of young players, but we’re learning each other.” says coach Corbett. “I could not be more please with how well they’re getting along and being unselfish. That’s one of the bigger challenges.”

The season is as young as the team is, but the sights are set on so much higher after getting a taste of a deep playoff run last year.

“Last year was an amazing season,” says Katy Corbett. “Looking at last year, we definitely want to go further. We all want to try to contribute and really put some points on the board.”

Digital Copy of Interview – Lillie Free & Katy Corbett

Digital Copy of Interview - Lillie Free & Katy Corbett


Digital Copy of Interview – Brandy Corbett

Digital Copy of Interview - Brandy Corbett


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