Competition Cheer state results: Jefferson, Commerce, Dawson all finish in top 3

Friday and Saturday saw many of our local programs perform at the sectional and state level.

Jefferson finished as state runner-up in Class 3A with a final tally of 91.0, just 6.5 points behind champion Pierce County. Dawson County came in 3rd in 3A with a 90.5, just half a point behind Jefferson.

In 1A Public, Commerce (87) finished runner-up behind Gordon Lee. Habersham Central (6A) finished 12th at sectionals and made the top-20 at state.


  • I sure wish East Jackson would have been mentioned in this since the first four teams got called to the floor and only finished 1.5 points behind the 3rd place team.During football season none of our players were mentioned in any of the articles. I know we haven’t won a lot of games in several years, but at the end of the season several of our players stats were as good or better than players mentioned from other schools. In closing I would love to see blitz mention our kids that had good seasons in their coverage. They deserve it. Thanks


    • Hey Johnny, it is not a slight or disrespect to East Jackson OR Jackson County, but you might be surprised to know that we do not and have never covered either schools sports. Our coverage area is laid out on our website. That said, we have explored covering their schools but it is a massive undertaking to cover all varsity programs at each school. That takes additional resources and we have tried to get some businesses to sponsor and advertise with BLITZ to make that addition possible. None have been willing to to this point, despite numerous attempts by us in reaching out. If you have a great connection to a business that would be willing to do that, please email and we are happy to look into this


      • Thanks for responding. Let me know what we as a group of supporters can do to help the expansion of coverage. Thanks for clearing up the coverage area I wasn’t familiar with it. I’m a die hard supporter of all of our programs at the school and just want what’s best for all of our kids


      • No problem at all. If you and the other strong supporters have a business or two in mind that you think are good chances of being willing to advertise with BLITZ, that’s all it would take. We can then begin to roll in the coverage of all the varsity programs after obtaining those partnerships.


  • Please email me the costs of advertising and we will see what we can do for sure. Thanks


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