Volleyball Player of the Year Finalists includes five

Of the 26 nominees and honorable mentions, we took on the tough task of narrowing the pool down to 5 finalists: Jenna Ash (White), Chloe Bennett (Dawson), Katy Corbett (Tallulah Falls), Annabelle Cox (Jefferson), and Alexandra Shalikashvili (Habersham Central).

WHAT’S NEXT? Our voting panel, consisting of up to 25 sports media members, as well as some former players and coaches, will vote Heisman-style to determine the winner. This is NOT a public vote.

Jenna Ash (White JR S/RS #5)

STATS: 6 kills/game, 3 digs/game

Chloe Bennett (Dawson SR MH #4)

STATS: 8.7 kills/game, 1 ace/game, 1.5 blocks/game, 7.8 digs/game

Katy Corbett (Tallulah Falls JR OH #11)

STATS: 350 kills (8.3/game), 370 digs (8.8/game), 92.9% serve, 40 aces

Annabelle Cox (Jefferson JR OH #8)

STATS: 156 kills, 150 digs, 43 aces, 10 blocks

Alexandra Shalikashvili (Habersham SR OH #3)

Photo by Crump Photo

STATS: 339 kills, 18 blocks, 246 digs, 54 aces


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