Volleyball Power Rankings: September

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All nine of our local volleyball teams have had a busy season, racking up the wins (some more than others). Here’s the rundown of where our teams line up as begin September competition.


RECORD: 14-0 (2-0)

The #1-ranked Lady Raiders are having the best year in school history under coach Lindsay Herrin. Alex Shalikashvili and Sydney Brookshire, not surprisingly, are leading the charge, but the roster is littered with young and veteran players who are having fantastic seasons. The domination goes further than wins and losses, as the girls have gone 30-2 in all sets.


RECORD: 6-9 (0-0)

Ok, the record doesn’t scream out at you. But this team is very good! Look no further than a dominant 2-0 win over Jefferson, a powerhouse in itself. The girls have been led by many playmakers, notably Katy Corbett. The girls are currently ranked #7 in the state as well.

2019 Bob & Teds GIF


RECORD: 15-4 (2-1)

Jefferson is on a roll at 15-4 overall and a quick 2-1 start in region play. The Lady Dragons have gone 32-12 in all sets, and have had such win streaks as 6 and 5 this season.


RECORD: 7-4 (0-1)

White County has stringed together 5 straight victories to move to 7-4 overall. The Lady Warriors grabbed huge wins over Dawson County (twice) and Rabun County (twice) among other Ws.


RECORD: 14-10 (0-0)

The Lady Indians are a solid 14-10 overall on the season, with all their goals before them. Lumpkin has wins over Stephens and Rabun in our area, and have gone an impressive 13-8 in away/neutral games.


RECORD: 11-12 (0-0)

The Lady Tigers are 11-12 overall. Take away four straight losses in the Rally on the Ridge tournament, and the girls would be a sparkling 11-8. Even still, Dawson County has beat such teams in our area as Union and Rabun, and are looking to snap out of the recent slide.

2019 Jacky Jones GIF


RECORD: 5-13 (0-0)

Rabun County has some big games coming up. The record could be more attractive, as it currently stands at 5-13. However, this team has been ranked as the #7 team in the state at one point this season.


RECORD: 5-9 (0-0)

The Lady Panthers at 5-9 are riding a recent two-game win streak. Union County has a few big dates upcoming with local teams Lumpkin, Dawson, White, and Rabun, all of which will help clear up the picture here.


RECORD: 2-10 (0-0)

Stephens County has had a tough season, dropping 5 straight to drop to 2-10 overall on the year. Losses include tough ones to Lumpkin, Union, and Rabun.

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