Denton & Hix earn POW nods after hitting over .500

Banks County’s Tybee Denton earned back-to-back Player of the Week honors after capturing the Fan Vote, earning 7,301 total tallies of the overall 16,612 in less than 24 hours. Habersham’s Preslee Hix also earned the honors as the BLITZ pick, and also had the second-most votes in the poll with 5,571.



2019 Bob & Teds GIF

Tybee Denton earns Player of the Week award number two on the season and number five of her career. Five POW awards makes her one of only eight athletes in BLITZ history, spanning 11 years, to earn that many. This time, as well as the others, she’s been more than deserving.

Over the past three games, Denton was 3-0 with a 0.61 ERA and 54 strikeouts in just 23 innings of work. She also hit .600 with a pair of homers and 4 RBI, adding a double.

The most impressive performance of her career was against #1-ranked Jefferson in a battle of top-ranked opponents. It was on the road, and Denton, who always aspired to do it, checked one off her bucket list with a 21-strikeout game. Meaning every single out made was on strikeout. If that wasn’t enough, she led the 9-0 win with a pair of homeruns, including one that about busted out a window on the team’s bus.

POW Graphic (Framed)

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Habersham junior outfielder Preslee Hix has been on fire as of late at the plate. The Lady Raiders star hit .500 over the past few games. That included driving in four runs, drawing four walks, and notching three doubles.

This is Hix’s first Player of the Week award of her career.

POW Graphic (Framed)

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