Jefferson receives Blitz Cup trophy, will display for upcoming year

On Wednesday morning, Jefferson Athletic Director Bill Navas accepted the BLITZ Cup Trophy to be housed at the school for the upcoming school year. The Dragons and Lady Dragons’ athletic programs combined to win the 2018-19 BLITZ Cup, which had previously been held at Banks County.

In this past school year, Jefferson garnered 198 total points, just two ahead of Dawson County, to win the rights to the traveling trophy. The Cup is crafted by Bob & Ted’s Trophy in Clarkesville, and has a placard with all previous winners of the award.

For Jefferson, it was the school’s first time winning it. The BLITZ Cup is awarded to one school in our coverage area that finishes the year with the most points. Points are earned for state playoff appearances, state rankings, winning seasons, Players of the Week & Year, region titles, and the like for all varsity sports across the board.

What makes it more impressive that Jefferson won is the fact that as a public city school (along with Commerce), points are adjusted accordingly, with caps put on point totals per sports to keep the balance competitive. Essentially, Jefferson scored a ridiculous 408 actual points, which would have more than doubled the record. However, public city schools’ totals are capped in specific sports, which brought the total to a reasonable 198.

Nearly all of Jefferson’s athletic programs were in the running for a region and state title. The softball team finished as state runner-up, the girls basketball team advanced to the quarterfinals, the girls and boys soccer programs made the semifinals, as well as the boys tennis team.

In a rare occurrence, every single Jefferson program was represented in state playoffs/meets, and 16 of the programs were ranked in the top-10 in one state poll or another.

For more information on the BLITZ Cup, click/tap here.

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