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BLITZ Play of the Year Voting: Quarterfinals

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Round one is complete in our Play of the Year voting. Now it’s down to the final eight – or quarterfinals. The results from round one are listed below, and the remaining plays up for voting are described below with video clips for your viewing pleasure.

  • RND 1 – Voting DEC 6 – DEC 9
  • QUARTERFINALS – Voting DEC 10 – 12
  • SEMIFINALS – Voting DEC 13 – 16
  • FINALS – Voting DEC 17-20
#3 def #11 30-24 (54 votes) / #12 def #4 571-77 (648 votes) / #5 def #9 65-19 (84 votes) / #6 def #10 198-73 (271 votes) / #7 def #13 501-175 (676 votes) / #8 def #14 32-13 (45 votes)

#1: Braxton Hicks acrobatic TD catch

WHEN: RND 1 [NOV 9] / Rabun vs Spencer
Gunner Stockton heaved one 25 yards out to a Braxton Hicks that had two hands in his face. Turning to the ball and falling back, he caught the ball seemingly behind the cornerback, as the ball went right between his arms. Hicks secured the grab despite a hard fall in the end zone. Big game, big moment, big play!

#2: Tre Luttrell 74-yd TD on first play as a Raider

WHEN: WEEK 0 [AUG 17] / Habersham vs Dawson
A bad snapped looked to be a blown up play, but new Habersham QB Tre Luttrell scooped it up, avoided getting hit for a loss after slipping and nearly going down, weaved in and out of traffic, flew 74 yards to the house for six points. It was literally his first snap as a Raider, and you just can’t make this stuff up.

2019 Bob & Teds GIF

#3: Sevaughn Clark’s game-winning TD on 4th & Goal

WHEN: WEEK 0 [AUG 17] / Habersham vs Dawson
It was a gutsy call…down three in the final seconds and just five yards out, Dawson elected for the win instead of the tie. All-state RB turned QB Sevaughn Clark called his own number and went untouched to set the tone for the Tigers’ incredible season, winning in dramatic fashion on the road.

Crump GIF 2018

#5: Tre Luttrell – Donovan Curry long TD on 4th & 20

WHEN: WEEK 6 [OCT 5] / Habersham vs Gainesville
In a game that would determine the playoff hopes for both teams, Tre Luttrell and the Raiders came up HUGE with a TD that put the game away for Habersham. Luttrell and the offense went for it on 4th & 20 around midfield. It appeared he had nowhere to go as he was flushed out to his right. He found time and found Donovan Curry wide open in the end zone, as he had to come back to the ball and dive for it just inside the pylon.

#6: Kenny Colwell – Gamarion Carter 83-yd game-tying TD

WHEN: WEEK 3 [SEP 14] / Stephens vs Habersham
The Raiders had a sizeable lead and it dissapated, and it was Kenny Colwell’s pass to a covered Gamarion Carter that proved the dagger, tying the game with an 83-yard score. Carter caught it despite being surrounded by two defenders, shook off the would-be tacklers, and raced for the end zone. The momentum clearly shifted in favor of the Indians, who won yet again in this bitter rivalry.

2019 Jacky Jones GIF

#7: Gunner Stockton – Braxton Hicks quarterfinals TD

WHEN: QUARTERFINALS [NOV 24] / Rabun vs Fitzgerald
It didn’t come in a win, but this Gunner Stockton TD pass to Braxton Hicks was just one of three top plays from the duo this season. Hicks caught the pass while falling on his back, as the precise pass just missed the defender’s swat attempt.

#8: J Ben Haynes – Cody Versluis 77-yd TD

WHEN: WEEK 1 [AUG 24] / Lumpkin vs White
It was a close game in Dahlonega until this happened. J Ben Haynes had time from his O-line, and heaved one down the sideline to Cody Versluis as a defender fell in an attempt to deflect the pass. Versluis cruised to the finish line, leading the Warriors to a blowout win at Lumpkin.


#12: Brison Beck gasses to the end zone from 43 yds out

WHEN: WEEK 8 [OCT 12] / Rabun vs Elbert
Beck’s amazing senior season was on full display in a pivotal win over Elbert. He got the handoff, found an edge, sliced through the defense while juking a guy out, and went down the sideline for the 43-yard TD and the Rabun win.

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