Dawson’s Glass, Commerce’s Ray win Player of the Week honors

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Nearly 7,000 votes poured in for the Player of the Week award (Fan Vote), and Dawson County’s Ryan Glass was the leading vote-getter for the award. Commerce quarterback Nate Ray was also named Player of the Week by BLITZ.

Glass tallied 3,254 votes, barely edging out 8-time Player of the Week winner Austin Jones of Rabun (3,015).

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Ryan Glass - Dawson

Glass earned his first-ever Player of the Week award after a game in which the run-heavy Dawson County Tigers relied a bit more on the passing game. When they needed it, Glass stepped up as the prime target, hauling in seven catches for 112 yards and a TD in a pivotal home playoff win over Haralson County.

The senior receiver has been limited in his statistics this season as the offense has moved to a run-heavy approach with Sevaughn Clark and Ahmad Kamara killing it in 2018. However, Glass still finds his moments, and this season has over 300 yards receiving with four TDs.

2018: 26 rec, 307 yds, 4 TD
CAREER: 72 rec, 1,168 yds, 12 TD

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Nate Ray - Commerce

Nate Ray’s numbers aren’t breath-taking at first glance. But on a team that runs the triple option, the ball is spread around to so many different players. No one guy just outperforms the rest statistically. But Ray’s 2018 has been extremely consistent, and quietly his stat line picked up the numbers anyway.

The junior came up huge in the home playoff win over Seminole County in the opening round, snapping a two-game losing streak. Ray threw for 119 yards, completing the only two passing attempts he had for touchdowns.

He also rushed just twice for 46 yards, one of which was a touchdown. Consider that. Two pass attempts for 119 yards (59.5 average completion) and two rushing attempts for 46 yards (23 yards per tote), with three touchdowns. Talk about making the most out of the least. This season he has over 650 rushing yards and 9 TDs, as well as nearly 600 passing yards for 8 TD.

2018: 557 pass yds, 8 TD / 661 rush yds, 9 TD

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