Girls Cross Country Runner of the Year Finalists

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We took our 13 nominees for Runner of the Year and narrowed that group down to six finalists for the award. This includes the back-to-back reigning Runner of the Year, Frankie Muldoon.

The six finalists are: Jaelen Alexander (White), Abbie Hilchie (Lumpkin), Katherine Law (Jefferson), Frankie Muldoon (Dawson), Zoe Sanchez (Union), and Caitlin Schroeder (Jefferson).

DISCLAIMER: BLITZ Cross Country Runner of the Year nominations come from top performers of each program from Region and State meets. BLITZ narrowed down to a list of Finalists and will vote for the Runner of the Year with the help of the official BLITZ voting panel. This is NOT for public voting.

Jaelen Alexander

White County Senior

Region 13th (20:13); State 19th (20:41)

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Abbie Hilchie

Lumpkin County Freshman

Region 5th (20:26); State 24th (22:06)

Katherine Law

Jefferson Freshman

Region RU (20:22); State 7th (20:45)

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Frankie Muldoon

Dawson County Senior

Region Champion (18:22); State 3rd (20:22)

Zoe Sanchez

Union County Junior

Region Champion (19:56); State Champion (20:04)

Caitlin Schroeder

Jefferson Sophomore

Region Champ (20:14); State 9th (20:56)


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