Volleyball Player of the Year Finalists

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Last week, we announced these 16 girls as Player of the Year Nominees. Now we’ve narrowed that list down to 6 Finalists for the award. Last year’s winner was Katerina Shalikashvili, sister of this year’s finalist, Alex. The six finalists are: Kate Blackburn (Tallulah Falls), Victoria Crotzer (Lumpkin), Roxie Fricton (Dawson), Alexandra Shalikashvili (Habersham Central), JoJo Smith (Jefferson), and Annabeth Vandiver (White). Habersham Central has traditionally owned this award, with eight of the last nine winners being Lady Raiders, including seven straight years.

DISCLAIMER: BLITZ Volleyball Player of the Year nominations come from coaches of each program. BLITZ narrows down to a list of Finalists and then votes for the Player of the Year with the help of the official BLITZ voting panel (this is NOT public voting).


Tallulah Falls JR S #2

Kate Blackburn 2018

Photo submitted by Tallulah Falls Volleyball

2.7 aces/match, 91.4% Serve, 1.4 kills/match, 17.4 assists/match, 7.5 digs/match

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Lumpkin Co SO OH #18

Victoria Crotzer 2018 LC VB

Photo submitted by Lumpkin Volleyball

58 aces, 90.6 serve %, 186 kills, 373 digs



Dawson Co JR MH #33

Roxie Fricton 2 2018 DC VB

Photo submitted by Dawson Volleyball

25 aces, 248 kills, 44 blocks, 17 assists, 198 digs, 86% serve

Crump GIF 2018


Habersham JR OH #3

Alexandra Shalikashvili 2018 CRUMP

Photo by Crump Photo

335 kills, 311 digs, 96% serve accuracy, 0.280 hitting %, 51 aces
All-Region 8-AAAAAA


Jefferson SO OH #17

JoJo Smith 2018 JEF VB

Photo submitted by Jefferson Volleyball

191 kills, 58 aces, 28 blocks, 208 digs

2019 Jacky Jones GIF


White Co SR OH #7

AB Vandiver 2018 (3) GRAFX

Photo by Michael Grafx

161 kills, 208 digs, 64 aces
7-AAAA All-Region

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