Slew of local players on state leader boards in passing, rushing and receiving

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The official first look at the state leaders in passing, rushing and receiving yardage has been released by GHSF Daily. A good handful of our local talent are on the list.

DISCLAIMER: GHSF Daily might have missed some. If someone is missing from the leaders, please contact us and we will report to GHSF with next week’s update. We have NO stats known for Commerce…

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Crump Tall GIF 2018PASSING (min 500 yds)

The state leader is Marietta junior Harrison Bailey with 1,368. He is one of six with over 1,000 already on the season and that list includes Houston Co QB Dylan Fromm, brother of UGA starter Jake Fromm.

Tre’ Luttrell – Habersham Central – 850
Luttrell is 11th in the state in passing yards with 850, and he’s done so in style to the tune of 10 TD and zero interceptions.

Pierson Allison – Union Co – 641
Allison is 42nd in the state right now with 641 yards, with 5 TD and no interceptions.

J Ben Haynes – White Co – 621
Haynes is 45th in the state right now with 621 yards with 5 TD and 2 INT.

Gunner Stockton – Rabun Co – 564
Stockton is 58th in passing with 564 yards as a freshman, and has 5 TD to 2 INT.


RUSHING (min 300 yds)

The state leader right now is Monroe Area’s Chandler Byron with 931! The second place guy has 703, just to give an idea of the vast difference here. Third place dips down into the low 600s, and starting with 7th place on is under 600.

Luke Smith – Lumpkin Co – 448
With 5 TD already, Smith and his 448 yards come in at #33 on the leader board.

Brison Beck – Rabun Co – 437
Beck’s 437 puts him at 35th on the state leader board, and he has 6 TD so far.

Terrence Walker – Banks Co – 397
Walker has in the neighborhood of 400 rushing yards and 5 TD.

Ahmad Kamara – Dawson Co – 336
Kamara is 81st on the board with 336 yds and has 4 TD.

Sevaughn Clark – Dawson Co – 334
Almost identical numbers to teammate Kamara, Clark has 334 yds and 6 TD, and sits 82nd on the board.

Tre’ Luttrell – Habersham Central – 330
Luttrell’s 330 just qualifies to be on the leader board, coming in at 83rd. He has 2 rushing TD.

*Jackson Clouatre (Habersham) narrowly missed with 257 yds, and so did Colby Clark (Jefferson) 242, Trent Bradshaw and Alan Gillis (Towns) with 238 & 237 yds, respectively, Tracey Lowery (Habersham) with 224 and Chad Buzzard (Union) with 220. 

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RECEIVING (min 225 yds)

The state leader is Ramel Keyton of Marietta with 542, which is no surprise since the state’s leading passer is from the same school. The third place receiver is also from Marietta.

Donovan Curry – Habersham Central – 344
Curry’s 344 is 10th best in the state, and he has 1 TD.

Gamarion Carter – Stephens Co – 260
Carter sits 40th place with 260 yds and 1 TD.

*Kyle Morlock (Union) just missed the cut with 212, as did Cooper Turner (White) with 204 and DonDon Bailey (Habersham) with 197.

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