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FB Power Rankings PreSeason

As the 2018 season looms just days away, we present our official preseason power rankings for our local 11 football programs.


2017: 14-1; 2A State Championship Game; 8-AA Region Title
Coach: Lee Shaw
Strengths: Skill positions, defense, offensive line
Questions: Size up front once deep in playoffs
Impact Returning Players: Austin Jones, Braxton Hicks, Brison Beck, Shawn Lovell, Jackson Webb, Austin Sosebee, Will Hightower
Crucial Losses: Bailey Fisher, Cole Keener, Andrew Barnes, Justin Wilkes, Dawson Henricks, Gavyn Jones, Chase Horton, Dillyn Nichols


2017: 10-3; 4A State Quarterfinals; Region 8-AAAA Runner-Up
Coach: Gene Cathcart
Strengths: Receivers, Defense
Questions: Replacing leading skill position talent
Impact Returning Players: Colby Clark, Zac Corbin, Sammy Elegreet, Garmon Randolph, Aaron Hall, Donsha Gaither, Kade McNalley
Crucial Losses: Colby Wood, Bryce Moore, Justin Cole, Noah Mulvey, Cale Compton, Terrell Wall

2019 Bob & Teds GIF


2017: 8-3; 1A State Rnd 2; Region 8-A 3rd Place
Coach: Michael Brown
Strengths: Winning tradition, athletic
Questions: Defensive talent lost
Impact Returning Players: Dylan Deaton, Dajuan Wood, Tucker Flint, Nate Ray
Crucial Losses: Easley Smith, Cade Ridley, Cody Ridley, Braxton Legg, Greyson Burke,


2017: 8-4; 3A State Rnd 2; Region 7-AAA Runner-Up
Coach: Sid Maxwell
Strengths: Defense
Questions: Quarterback (as in, how do you replace the GOAT at Dawson in Coey Watson?)
Impact Returning Players: Sevaughn Clark, Ryan Glass, Ethan Cameron, Logan Barnes, Zac Baloga, TJ Wilson, Jason Browning, Noah Brock
Crucial Losses: Coey Watson, Nate Umberger, Logan Brumbelow, Taylor Swofford, Peyton Allen


2017: 7-4; 4A State Rnd 1; Region 7-AAAA 3rd Place
Coach: Tim Cokely
Strengths: Quarterback, Receivers
Questions: Running Back; Replacing 21 Seniors
Impact Returning Players: J Ben Haynes, Cody Versluis, Jay Lepkoske
Crucial Losses: Kaleb Crane, Bailey Anderson, Austin Rowland, Ty Ulrich, Desmond Lowery, Brett Bardenwerper, Will Anglin

2019 Jacky Jones GIF


2017: 6-4; No Playoffs; Region 7-AAA 5th Place
Coach: Brian Allison
Strengths: Receivers, Special Teams, Backs, QB (as great as Cole Wright was, no dropoff with Allison under center)
Questions: Return to 8-AA, how will 2 years in 3A pay off?
Impact Returning Players: Sawyer Drake, Pierson Allison, Chad Buzzard, Kanon Hemphill, Kyle Morlock, Chayton Schafer, Jackson Colwell, Brian Smith
Crucial Losses: Cole Wright, Austin Pattee, Cole Dockery, Logan Dyer, RJ Banton, Bryan Nelson


2017: 2-8; No Playoffs; Region 8-AAAAAA 5th Place
Coach: Benji Harrison
Strengths: Quarterback, Receivers
Questions: Running Backs, Defense
Impact Returning Players: Donovan Curry, Tre Luttrell (transfer, Gainesville) Daniel Matkovic, Tarin Westbrook, Luke Wilson, Arian Curry
Crucial Losses: AJ Curry, Jim Barnett, Baylor Hinshaw, Garrett Kinsey, Karl Fail, Carson Moore, Trey Wetherton, Zach Ferguson (transfer, Rabun), Andrew Lovell (transfer, Rabun)


2017: 5-5; No Playoffs; Region 8-AAAA 5th Place
Coach: Wesley Tankersley
Strengths: Few Seniors, but solid leaders
Questions: New QB, new coach, replacing 3,500 yards of offense
Impact Returning Players: Cayden Maxwell, Nikko Beady, Charles Cochran
Crucial Losses: Jackson Bell, Hassan Brown, Cole Beitzel, Brandon Wheeler, Griff Pruitt, Montavis Thornton, Gavin Walker, Luke Pearson

Crump GIF 2018


2017: 5-6; 1A State Playoffs RND 1; Region 8-A 5th Place
Coach: John Cornett
Strengths: Momentum
Questions: Thin Depth
Impact Returning Players: Trent Bradshaw, Will Travis
Crucial Losses: Zach Davenport


2017: 5-6; 2A State Playoffs RND 1; Region 8-AA 3rd Place
Coach: Jay Reid
Strengths: Offensive Line, Speed
Questions: Late Coaching Addition (less time to develop new system)
Impact Returning Players: Terrence Walker, Jackson Ramey, Jacob Lehotsky, Cody Dodge, Sawyer Pace
Crucial Losses: Clayton Dykhouse, Trevor Thomas, Blake Segars, Marshal Pace, Ryan Dove, Oscar Reyes


2017: 1-9; No Playoffs; Region 7-AAA 6th Place
Coach: Shane Williamson
Strengths: Experience
Questions: Scoring Threats, Passing, Special Teams
Impact Returning Players: Evan Abernathy, Luke Smith, Tucker Kirk, Jonas Ramirez
Crucial Losses: Chandler Woodham, Wesley Wells, Julian Hazen, Josh Chastain, Dalton Savage

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