Dawson’s Kaylee Sticker announces commitment to Clemson

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Kaylee Sticker made last Friday evening (May 4) one of the biggest decision dates of her young life. The star basketball standout at Dawson County announced her commitment to Clemson University beginning in the Fall of 2019.

With numerous amounts of Division-I offers on the table, it was Clemson that won the Kaylee Sticker sweepstakes.

“The coach staff and overall atmosphere,” says Sticker on what sold her to Clemson. “I’ve always wanted to play at a high level and when the opportunity came with great people, I took it.”

While nothing is guaranteed as far as playing time when she gets there, they have a great weapon on the court at their disposal.

“Their plans are to utilize my versatility on the court,” says Sticker, who continues to grow each season in that versatility.

When asked what areas of her game she wants to hone before departing for Clemson next season, she has a few things in mind.

“All areas such as a quicker [shot] release, ball-handling, and getting quicker.”

While technically still a junior – at least for the next few weeks – Sticker makes the decision on the eve of her senior season. Her junior year saw her finish with 17.6 points per game, hauling in 6 rebounds per contest and shooting 40% from the field.

“I was beyond excited about the offer,” she says. “I thought and prayed about it for a very long time.”

She stated that Clemson officially offered her on Saturday, April 28, one week before she made the decision to accept.

As Sticker did her due diligence, she also has much to gain by getting the commitment out of the way now.

“It provides a lot of relief for me and for this summer, and provides an opportunity for me to help my teammates get to the next level. I will also be continuing to grow for Clemson.”

She was an all-state honorable mention talent and playing the GACA North-South Junior All-Star game, scoring 13 points and securing 7 rebounds.

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  • Way to go Kaylee. I am so happy for you. Clemson is lucky to have you as part of their team. Good choice.


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