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BLITZ Play of the Year 2017: Bracket Voting

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2017 was an incredible year for high school football in our area. Perhaps one of the best seasons collectively in the last decade. Weekly under the bright Friday night lights, we were treated to amazing shows of athleticism by Rabun County, Dawson, White, Habersham, Union and many others.

From each of the 17 games we covered this season, we chose one (or sometimes two) highlights from each game as our “Play of the Week”, and now it’s time for you to make the decision on what is the “Play of the Year” out of that selection.

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We decided to go bracket-style, and after watching these clips OVER and OVER again, ranked them as best we could to develop some type of seeding.

VOTING: We will let you decide and vote at your heart’s content for each of the “matchups” in the bracket, and voting will last for one day (24 hours) per matchup/round (subject to change depending on amount of votes).



  1. Braxton Hicks & Cole Keener TD catches from Bailey Fisher (Quarterfinals)
  2. Gainesville 81-yd Hail Mary (Week 7)
  3. Austin Jones 73-yd TD in Semis win (Semifinals)
  4. Nick Lyles 96-yd TD (Week 5)
  5. Kaleb Crane’s 83-yd TD on first play of Rnd 1 playoff game (Rnd 1)
  6. AJ to Donovan Curry 89-yd TD (Week 5)
  7. Bailey Fisher 41-yd TD to open Sweet 16 (Sweet 16)
  8. Rabun trick play Fisher-Horton-Jones (Week 1)
  9. Coey Watson 100th career TD (Week 10)
  10. Bailey Fisher’s 100th career passing TD (Week 11)
  11. AJ to Donovan Curry 59-yd TD vs rivals/former team on 1st play (Week 4)
  12. Cole Wright – Austin Pattee TD vs North Hall (Week 8)
  13. Austin Jones 47-yd state finals TD from Bailey Fisher (State Championship)
  14. Kaleb Crane 53-yd TD vs Habersham (Week 2)
  15. Nick Lyles soars over the goal line (Week 0)
  16. Braxton Hicks 69-yd TD from Bailey Fisher (Week 9)
  17. Cole Keener puts White Co/Rabun game to bed w/ 62-yd TD from Fisher (Week 3)
  18. Coey Watson hooks up with Ryan Glass (Week 6)

Play of Year bracket round 1


In an 18 play bracket, 14 get the first round bye. Here are the two matchups for the first round:



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