Region 8-AAAA Recap: Jefferson dominates on way to region titles

The 8-AAAA Region Championships, held at Jefferson on April 26 & 28, saw Jefferson (host school) shoot for region supremacy. That they did, as both the Dragons and Lady Dragons smoked the rest of the field, winning the team region titles by a HUGE margin. Jada Pittman won a trio of individual titles, while Katherine Law, Matthew Schroeder, and Josie Loggins also had multiple top finishes. Jordan Perry, Ella Kulniszewski won titles, as did 4 relay groups.


  • Jada Pittman (1st in Long Jump,1st in Triple Jump, 1st in 100)
  • Katherine Law (1st in 1600, 1st in 3200)
  • Matthew Schroeder (1st in 1600, 1st in 800)
  • Josie Loggins (1st in 100 MH, 1st in 300 MH)
  • Jordan Perry (1st in Long Jump)
  • Ella Kulniszewski (1st in Pole Vault)
  • Girls 4×800 Relay (1st)
  • Boys 4×800 Relay (1st)
  • Boys 4×100 Relay (1st)
  • Girls 4×100 Relay (1st)
  • Sammy Brown (2nd in Long Jump, 2nd in 200, 2nd in 100)
  • Ben Davis (2nd in 1600, 3rd in 800)
  • Adam Henley (2nd in Pole Vault)
  • Aleah Benton (2nd in Triple Jump)
  • Max Porte (2nd in 300 MH)
  • Germaine Sims Jr (2nd in Triple Jump)
  • Tylia Brown (2nd in Shot Put)
  • Audrey Etris (2nd in 3200)
  • Emily Byrd (2nd in 800)
  • Nate Ferguson (2nd in 3200)
  • Griffin Carson (3rd in Pole Vault)
  • Eve Knight (3rd in Discus)
  • Cole Patterson (3rd in Discus)
  • Princess Evans (3rd in Shot Put)
  • Rachel Reed (3rd in 300 MH)
  • Tyler Neilson (3rd in 110 MH)
  • Kiley Powell (3rd in 800)
  • Girls 4×400 Relay (3rd)
  • Boys 4×400 Relay (3rd)
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