BLITZ Volleyball Player of the Year: Sarah Jennings

For a third straight year, Tallulah Falls will own the bragging rights to having the Player of the Year, as Sarah Jennings wins it after a fantastic season in which she put up some gaudy numbers.


  • 316 Kills
  • 333 Digs
  • 78 Aces
  • 9 Kills/Match
  • 89.8% Serve
  • 19 Assists
  • 2 Blocks

Sarah Jennings collected 316 kills (9/match), 333 digs, and 78 aces. Those are stellar numbers. In guiding the Lady Indians to a third Sweet 16 over the past 4 years, the junior outside hitter continues to climb the school’s career leaderboards. She also broke the single-match kills record when she had 28 this season. Her 316 kills ranks second only to previous BLITZ POY winner Katy Corbett in a single season. Her 333 digs ranks fifth in a season, and the 78 aces is third best for Tallulah. Career-wise, with still a year to go, she sits at 668 career kills, needing just 185 to break that mark. At 699 career digs (4th most currently), she’ll need 283 to pass Corbett’s 981. Her 192 aces is just 45 off the school record. Safe to say, Jennings, with another year like this, will leave TFS as the top player in history.


  1. Sarah Jennings – 53.25 pts (6 1st-place votes)
  2. Olivia Barrage – 50.5 pts (6)
  3. Abby Donaldson – 28.5 pts (1)
  4. Jadelyn McClure – 24.25 pts (3)
  5. Kiersta Trammell – 21.75 pts
  6. Abby Felkai – 10.5 pts
  7. Lexi Pierce – 7.25 pts

Voting included our 16-person panel made up of sports reporters, writers, video producers, former coaches, players, GHSA officials, and sports experts. The voting is Heisman-style, with the following points system:
1st place votes: 5 pts; 2nd: 3 pts; 3rd: 2 pts; 4th: 1 pts; 5th-6th: 0.5 pts

This was a win by a hair. Jennings was tied by Olivia Barrage in first-place votes. However, she had a higher weighted average, with more second-place votes. Jadelyn McClure had 3 first-place votes, but finished 4th as voters weren’t sure where to place her. Abby Donaldson (one first-place vote) consistently was being voted between 2nd-4th.


  • 2021 – Sarah Jennings – Tallulah Falls JR OH
  • 2020 – Katy Corbett – Tallulah Falls SR OH
  • 2019 – Katy Corbett – Tallulah Falls JR OH
  • 2018 – JoJo Smith – Jefferson SO OH
  • 2017 – Katerina Shalikashvili – Habersham SR OH
  • 2016 – Lainey Gosnell – Habersham SR MH
  • 2015 – Lainey Gosnell – Habersham JR OH
  • 2014 – Chaselin Allen – Habersham SR L
  • 2013 – Caeli Chambers – Habersham SR L
  • 2012 – Haley Gerrin – Habersham SR MH
  • 2011 – Haley Gerrin – Habersham JR MH
  • 2010 – Alexia Wilson – Lumpkin JR MH
  • 2009 – Megan Rowland – Habersham SR OH

For Jennings, it means 3 straight POY awards for Tallulah Falls in volleyball. She is the 5th consecutive outside hitter to claim it, and will have a chance to win it again next year.



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POY Framed Print (11×17) – Sarah Jennings

POY Framed Print (11×17) – Sarah Jennings


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