Tallulah Falls Keeps Tunnel Vision As Historic Season Rolls On [VIDEO]

History was made in a big way this past week when the Tallulah Falls Indians hit a buzzer-beater in the region semifinals, then blasted past George Walton in the 8-A Private Region Championship. The #9-ranked Indians did more than just secure a fifth consecutive win. When the final horn sounded, it delivered the program’s first-ever region championship.

“Region championships is something that was always on the back of my mind since I started with this program,” says senior Sammy Davis. “Now that we finally made it, we definitely put in the work, we put in the time. When you earn something like that and you know that you worked hard for it, it feels great.”

Coach Cody Coleman, in just his second year at the helm, took TFS to uncharted territory. He too, knows how special this season is and this team is.

“It feels great, just all year the guys have been working extremely hard,” says Coleman. “Just to have all that work pay off it just feels great. I think coming into the year we knew we had a chance to be a great basketball team. We started to come together more as a group. We set that goal [of winning region], and it was extremely gratifying to win it.”

The Indians had the hype around them all season, but weren’t buying their own press.

“All the guys are already humble young men,” says Coleman on how his team dealt with the hype. “All we tend to focus on that next game…actually we take it quarter by quarter and try not to let any of that other stuff get in the way.”

“Every time we go on the court, everyone is dangerous in the scoring position,” adds junior standout Gabe Keene. “Everyone can make those moves to get someone else open. Every time we go down, it’s probably a bucket.”

Many guys can be the go-to option on a given night, with Davis, Keene, Simeon Respress, Devonte Allen, and Anfernee Hanna all taking turns leading in scoring. The unselfishness has led to some great chemistry on the floor, as others like Charlie Cody, Julian Gober, Kale Corbett, and others have been instrumental to the success as well.

“Each player on this team plays for each other and I think they really embody that team atmosphere,” says Coleman, who says his team is more like a family. “It is a team-first atmosphere. We don’t have an individual that has to try and be that go-to guy. That’s reflected in our scoring…it’s very well-rounded.”

One things for sure…the history making continues when the Indians take on their first round opponent next week.

“We’ve been working for a long time,” adds Davis. We were never satisfied, we never thought the job was done, and the job still isn’t done.”

Digital Copy of Interview – Cody Coleman

Digital Copy of Interview – Cody Coleman


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