State Leaderboard Update After Week Six

The official state leaderboard by Georgia HS Football Daily (SUBSCRIBE HERE) was first published after Week Three. Today marked the third updated leaderboard. The Leaderboard featured 15 locals the first time, 19 the next, and 16 last week. This time around, the number of locals who made the lists is 13. Rabun County leads with 3 represented, while White, Dawson, Habersham, and Stephens all have 2 each, and Towns, Jefferson, and Union have one each. Zach Holtzclaw (Dawson) is the highest on the leaderboard at 5th in passing yards. He leads Class 3A, while Kyle Oakes (Towns, 6th in rushing) and Gamarion Carter (Stephens, 7th in receiving) are also in the top 10 of their classifications.

Rushing Leaders (minimum 500 yds)

State Leader – Jessie Phillips Jr. – Rutland – 1,002 yds

6th – 811 – Kyle Oakes – Towns County (Season High: 3rd)
20th – 694 – Joshua Pickett – Habersham Central (Season High: 13th)
29th – 644 – Malaki Starks – Jefferson (Season High: 29th)
31st – 602 – Jackson Clouatre – Habersham Central (Season High: 7th)
38th – 530 – J Ben Haynes – White County (Season High: 23rd)
51st – 501 – Lang Windham – Rabun County (Season High: 32nd)

Dropped off the Leaderboard: Gunner Stockton (Rabun County; Season High 36th); Dreylan Martin (Commerce; Season High 44th); Sammy Brown (Commerce; Season High 75th); Silas Mulligan (White County; Season High 75th)

Passing Leaders (minimum 750 yds)

State Leader – Dylan Lonergan – Brookwood – 1,524 yds

5th – 1,327 – Zach Holtzclaw – Dawson County [3A leader] (Season High: 3rd)
12th – 1,141 – Gunner Stockton – Rabun County (Season High: 12th)
21st – 973 – J Ben Haynes – White County (Season High: 13th)
47th – 807 – Ben Stowe – Stephens County (Season High: 26th)

Dropped off the Leaderboard: Logan Helcher (Union County; Season High 22nd); Mason Thomas (Towns County; Season High 47th)

Receiving Leaders (minimum 350 yds)

State Leader – Travis Hunter – Collins Hill – 680 yds

7th – 527 – Gamarion Carter – Stephens County (Season High: 4th)
17th – 463 – Jaden Gibson – Dawson County (Season High: 13th)
24th – 428 – Adriel Clark – Rabun County (Season High: 24th)

Dropped off the Leaderboard: Tyler Lane (Dawson; Season High 39th)

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