Volleyball Player of the Year Watch List

The first serve is just days away. With 2020 coming quickly, let’s take a gander at the local talent who return after solid seasons from a year ago. We identify the front-runners and those on the cusp. Of course, there are many who will come out of nowhere this season, and others who are currently flying under the radar. Tallulah Falls senior Katy Corbett does return to try and maintain her Player of the Year status after taking the honors in 2019. To add to the fun, the 2018 winner of POY, Jefferson’s JoJo Smith, is also back for her senior year, too.

We put the debate up for a public vote to see who fans think might end up taking the award at the end of the season. The overwhelming favorite according to the public is Maddie Grace Smith (Jefferson) so far (voting closes soon).

The Front-Runners

Jenna Ash (White SR S/RS #5)
6 kills/game, 3 digs/game

Katy Corbett (Tallulah Falls SR OH #11)
350 kills (8.3/game), 370 digs (8.8/game), 92.9% serve, 40 aces

Annabelle Cox (Jefferson SR OH #8)
156 kills, 150 digs, 43 aces, 10 blocks

Victoria Crotzer (Lumpkin SR OH #18)
170 digs, 93 kills, 42 aces, 18 assists

Isabel Davenport (Lumpkin SR S #2)
176 assists, 132 digs, 40 kills, 20 aces, 2 blocks

Madeline Koshuta (Habersham Central SO OH #8)
21 aces, 201 kills, 8 blocks, 101 digs

Hayley Selzer (Dawson SR OH/DS #7)
60 aces, 127 kills, 70 assists, 201 digs

JoJo Smith (Jefferson SR OH #17)
189 digs, 185 kills, 25 aces, 22 blocks

Maddie Grace Smith (Jefferson JR S #16)
524 assists, 195 digs, 104 aces, 32 kills, 10 blocks

Kiersta Trammell (Lumpkin JR S #9)
187 assists, 130 digs, 49 kills, 38 aces, 5 blocks

On the Cusp

  • Riley Allison (Union)
  • MaKenzie Caldwell (Lumpkin SR MB #8): 100 kills, 53 digs, 35 assists, 26 blocks, 7 aces
  • Dasha Cannon (White SR OH #24): 4 kills/game, 4 digs/game
  • Abby Carlan (Tallulah Falls)
  • Abbye Carver (Rabun)
  • Maddie Chosewood (Habersham Central)
  • Lexi Crump (Rabun)
  • Gracie Deetz (Rabun)
  • Camryn Fricks (Habersham Central)
  • Morgan Fussell (Union)
  • Lyndee Hollifield (Rabun)
  • Abbey Howard (Jefferson SR MH/RS #30): 75 kills, 18 blocks, 16 digs
  • Rebekah Jennings (Tallulah Falls)
  • Sarah Jennings (Tallulah Falls)
  • Haley Noe (Union)
  • Saylor Noe (Union)
  • Reagan Spivey (Lumpkin JR MB #15): 102 digs, 99 kills, 65 assists, 30 aces, 26 blocks
  • Olivia Walls (Dawson)
  • Molly Kay West (Union)
  • Emma Whicker (Union)
  • Barrett Whitener (Tallulah Falls)

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