BLITZ HOF 2020: Boys Soccer



Brandon Hudson was robbed. He was on track for an unbelievable stat line in 2020 before COVID hit. He had 20 goals and 7 assists, which was enough to earn him BLITZ Player of the Year honors. He finished his four-year career at Jefferson with around 50 goals and 30 assists (130 points). (440 VOTES)

HOF Framed Graphic (11×17) – Brandon Hudson

HOF Framed Graphic (11x17) - Brandon Hudson



Kobi Robbins had a solid career for Union County and was staring down a senior year that was poised to be terrific before the rude interruption in 2020. The Panthers forward had 40-plus goals in his career, with another 25ish assists, giving him north of 100 points. (374 VOTES)

HOF Framed Graphic (11×17) – Kobi Robbins

HOF Framed Graphic (11x17) - Kobi Robbins



Jose Miranda stormed onto the scene at Dawson County years ago. He was even better in his best season as a sophomore, netting 19 goals and adding 21 assists (school record). He finished his career with around 65 goals and the same number of assists for about 195 points. (28 VOTES – PRODUCER’S PASS)

HOF Framed Graphic (11×17) – Jose Miranda

HOF Framed Graphic (11x17) - Jose Miranda


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