Get to know White County’s new hoops coach Robbie Bailey

White County recently named a new boys basketball coach, Robbie Bailey. We spent a little time catching up with Bailey and his thoughts on the new digs.

BRIAN: What was it like when you found out you were going to be named HC?

ROBBIE: It was a moment that I have been waiting on for a long time. I am very humbled, honored and blessed to be the head varsity boys basketball coach at White County High School.

BRIAN: How long had you known it was a possibility?

ROBBIE: Anytime you interview for a job, there is a little uncertainty in the whole process. You always evaluate your interview and wonder if you are the right person and if you are the right fit for what the interviewers are looking for. I felt my interview was good, but when you’ve done several, you still get a little nervous if you’re going to get the job. All total it took about a week to find out I got the job.  

BRIAN: What are your coaching credentials prior to this? 


  • West Hall High School-9th Grade Boys Head Coach/Varsity Assistant Coach (7 years)
  • Rabun County Middle School-Head 7th and 8th Grade Coach (3 years)
  • Banks County High School-JV Girls’ Head Coach/Varsity Assitant (1 year)
  • White County High School-Varsity Assistant Coach (1 year)

BRIAN: Did you get a chance to talk to the players yet in some fashion (text, calls, Facetime, Zoom)? What was that like?

ROBBIE: We are conducting weekly Zoom meetings. Since I was the varsity assistant this past year, I already have a relationship with the players, so that is good for us as a team. There isn’t a getting to know process like there would be if they had hired somebody outside of the program. The players and myself are excited to start this journey together. We have a great group of kids here at White County.

BRIAN: What do you most want to focus on in this program? Culture? Style of Play?

ROBBIE: I want to build a program that will represent this school and community in a positive fashion. I care about winning, like every coach does, but I have a conviction for helping young people achieve their goals, whether that is in athletics or life. We want to be hard-nosed and tough because those characteristics represent White County. We want teams to know that White County is going to battle and play extremely hard when that game is tipped off. We will pride ourselves on defense and attempt to play an exciting brand of uptempo basketball. Our school system’s motto this year is “Be More” and that’s what we want to accomplish on the court.

BRIAN: What excites you most about the opportunity?

ROBBIE: It excites me that I get to be around and coach a great group of young men. A group that has an intense hunger to “be good”. I look forward to working side by side with these young men to work towards accomplishing our goals. It is a tremendous honor for me to be their coach and I will work everyday to be the best Warrior I can be and enjoy the journey with them.

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