Jefferson’s Ryder Pagel takes last finalist spot for Athlete of the Year

Jefferson’s senior pole vaulter Ryder Pagel earned the ONE LAST FINALIST spot for Athlete of the Year consideration after 8,876 votes supported him. A total of 19,397 came in of support of all the nominees battling for the last finalist spot.

Pagel now joins Tallulah Falls’ Grey Bourlet, Nix Burkett (White), teammate Robbie Head, Collin Kilgore (Dawson), Shannon Segars (Commerce), and Griffin Stephens (Banks) as the finalists for the honors.

Next up comes the voting by our internal panel to determine Player of the Year. This is done Heisman-style (each voter ranking the finalists) to determine the winner.


  • Congratulations Ryder Pagel, Jefferson High School Senior, 2019 State Pole Vault Champ!! My pride for you and your accomplishments are boundless!!


  • Way to go Ryder Pagel!! We are SO PROUD to see how all of your long hours, hard work, determination, and dreams are coming true!! Keep Flying High Ryderman!! Can’t wait to see your next chapter of Greatness!!
    Well Deserved honor!! KEEP IT UP!!!
    Ryder Pagel for Athlete of the Year 2020!!!!
    Love You
    Kristy, Troy, Clay, Ivey


  • Way to go Ryder!!!! That’s Awesome!!!


  • Congratulations Ryder Pagel for your nomination for Athlete of the year!! Proud Mama❤️


  • Way to go Ryder


  • Watching Ryder grow from a problem solving child to a problem solving and focused high school Senior has been amazing! He loves “flying high” over the bar and is excited every time he gets the opportunity to sharpen his skills! He works hard academically and athletically. Ryder loves his family, his friends, and his school. So glad I got to watch him grow. Go for it all Ryder Pagel!


  • Ryder has been focused and determined his entire life and nothing exemplified this trait as much as his
    Hard work and self discipline in the challenge of poll vault.


  • Natalie Thompson

    Ryder Pagel is amazing! He deserves to be athlete of the year!


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