BLITZ Girls Golfer of the Year nominees

This was a tough job to compile even a portion of what we normally would. Many programs could not get a single match in, and most just one or two.

WHAT’S NEXT? We’ll take our nominee group down to a finalist pool.

NOTE: Dawson County, Habersham Central, Lumpkin County, Towns County, and Union County did not nominate a player for their program.

NEW FOR 2020: BLITZ will pick a finalist group, and then have another group for the “FAN VOTE: ONE LAST FINALIST” to be included for consideration for Golfer of the Year. Be on the lookout for that.


Faith Cofield (Rabun)

Catie Craig (White Co JR)

Photo by Mark Turner

STATS: Area 5th, State Runner-Up in 2019; Scoring AVG 73; Nationally Ranked #142 

Abby Fitzpatrick (Commerce SR)

STATS: 44 AVG (9 hole), 2nd place finish

Cameron Ford (Commerce JR)

STATS: 38.5 AVG (9 hole), 3 1st place finishes in 2020

Brinson Hall (Tallulah Falls JR)

STATS: Area 2nd, State Top 10 in 2019; 1st Team All-Area; 1st Team All-State

Maggie Jackson (Tallulah Falls JR)

STATS: Area 3rd, State Top 10 in 2019; First Team All-State & First Team All-Area

Shamiya Johnson (Jefferson JR)

STATS: Average 51, State Individual Tournament 39th

Ellie Kinlaw (Jefferson SO)

STATS: Average 51, State Individual Tournament 24th

Chelsea Lewallen (Banks SR)

STATS: (2019): State Qualifier; 46 AVG per 9

Kayli McDaniel (Jefferson SR)

STATS: (2019) Average 52, State Individual Tournament T-36th

Katie Grace Randall (Stephens SO)

STATS: 2019 area 95; 2019 state 99-92 total 191 (36th)

Cassidy Richardson (Rabun)

Kristin Tash (Commerce JR)

STATS: 43 AVG (9 hole), 1st place finish

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