Corbett earns volleyball player of the week honors

9,202 votes came in support of local volleyball players, and it was Tallulah Falls junior Katy Corbett (5,061) who recorded the most votes to earn the BLITZ Player of the Week award. Shoutout to Habersham’s Rachel Smith, who generated 3,867 votes to make it an entertaining race.


Katy Corbett has led the #7-ranked Tallulah Falls squad to a 6-9 overall record, including a HUGE win over powerhouse Jefferson. The junior outside hitter posted 8.5 kills and 7.5 digs per match across the last few, and carries a 93.3% serve. Her serve rating is at 2.3, and she has a 1.72 serve return rating as well.

“Corbett was on fire in two of our toughest matches of the season,” says coach Matt Heyl. “We were able to compete with two powerhouse programs, Brookwood and Winer-Barrow, because of Katy raising her game to the next level. She led the team in almost every category. She had the best serve and serve receive rating, and also led the team in kills. Not only is Katy leading in the stats category but she is also our steady, positive and encouraging leader on and off the court. No matter how things are going Katy is there lifting her players up to give it their best.”

POW Graphic (Framed)

Buy this POW Graphic (Framed) of Katy Corbett


Feature Photo by Tallulah Falls Athletics

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