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Girls Golfer of the Year Finalists

What started as 21 individuals nominated for BLITZ Golfer of the Year, has now been taken down to 5 finalists up for the honors, including last year’s Co-Golfers of the Year, Caroline & Catie Craig of White County.

WHAT’S NEXT? Our internal voting panel will vote Heisman-style to determine the Golfer of the Year.

CAROLINE CRAIG – White County Senior

Area 5th (75) / 4A State 19th (83,80;163)

CATIE CRAIG – White County Sophomore

Area 5th (75) / 4A State Runner-Up (78,70;148)

CAMERON FORD – Commerce Sophomore

Area 3rd (78) / 1A State 3rd (80,72;152)

BRINSON HALL – Tallulah Falls Sophomore

Area Runner-Up (78) / 1A State 7th (78,85;163)

MAGGIE JACKSON – Tallulah Falls Sophomore

Area 3rd (79) / 1A State 6th (83,78;161)


3 comments on “Girls Golfer of the Year Finalists

  1. Cameron Ford is not a senior. She’s a sophomore.


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