Slew of local players honored with All-State recognition

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Award season continues with the announcement of local players who earned all-state honors for their 2018-19 efforts. These honorees were named by

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HONORABLE MENTION: Kaylee Sticker (Dawson County)


HONORABLE MENTION: Ty Nails (Stephens County)


MOST IMPROVED TEAM: Lumpkin County girls (17-9; improved from 9-15; beat ranked GAC)

1ST TEAM: Kaylee Sticker (Dawson County)

2ND TEAM: Luke Chism (Dawson County), Jasper Gibson (Dawson County)

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Livi Blackstock (Jefferson), Natalia Bolden (Jefferson), Isabelle Davenport (Lumpkin County)


Best Scorer: Carl Cleveland (Banks County)

Best Shooter: Pierce Martin (Banks County)

Freshman of the Year: Ava Hunter (Union County)

1ST TEAM: Carl Cleveland (Banks County)

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Jaycie Bowen (Banks County), Brooke Henricks (Rabun County), Laken Stiles (Rabun County), Heather Vaughan (Banks County)


Most Underrated: Kolby Moss (Towns County)

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