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The BLITZ Hall of Fame. Since 2016, we’ve inducted the best of the best dating back to 2009 in the BLITZ-era among teams in our coverage area. To date, we have 58 players in the BLITZ Hall of Fame. It’s now time to enshrine a new crop of talent. Vote as OFTEN as you’d like (unlimited). Top vote-getters will be inducted, as well as some with the Producer’s Pass if we feel they were more than worthy but weren’t backed with the votes. Voting closes June 10!


  • Many of these players were household names and automatically in the running. We then opened up to the public and coaches to nominate their players for consideration. While not ALL players that were nominated are on the ballot for this year, they are still up for future consideration.
  • MUST be in our coverage area. If you’re not familiar with it, check out the footer of our website for the list of schools included.
  • MUST be between 2009-Present. There are a couple of exceptions, but this is not all-time in the state of Georgia.
  • MUST be out of high school. No player/athlete can be in prior to graduating from their high school.

DISCLAIMER: As noted above, we opened up nominations several times. If you feel someone was overlooked, that was not intentional. Please check first to make sure the player isn’t already inducted (BLITZ Hall of Fame) or that they’re not mentioned below as a “future consideration” and then please email Brian Carter to get someone on the radar for future consideration.


Future considerationAJ Curry (HC ’18) QB, Brad Hurst (WC ’16) PK, Jacob Rogers (UC ’15) WR, Clayton Dykehouse (BC ’18) RB, Johnathan Gilreath (LC ’14) WR, Ian Wheeler (HC ’13) P, Austin Brown (HC ’10) QB, Bruce Clark (DC ’13) WR, Shea Underwood (TC ’16) P, Luther Jones (UC ’14) OL/DL, Donovan Curry (HC ’19) WR/CB, Caleb Brooks (CHS ’16) QB/RB, Ben Cleveland (SC ’16) OL/DL, Austin Jones (RC ’19) WR/CB, Braxton Hicks (RC ’20) WR/CB, Sevaughn Clark (DC ’19) RB, Cal Drummond (RC ’17) RB, Maurice Sutton (WC ’15)
AJ Curry (HC ’18) QB, Jim Barnett (HC ’18) WR/CB, JBen Haynes (WC ’21), Wesley Wells (LC ’18) GTech


Future consideration: Paige Cook (HC ’19), Sydney McGinnis (DC ’17), Emma Whitfield (SC ’19), Jaycie Bowen (BC ’19), Harlee Ingram (CHS ’18), Katelynn Simpson (DC ’16), Sydney Kinard (LC ’15), Ansley Brown (CHS ’17) P

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Future consideration: Jaelen Alexander (WC ’19), Guy Gober (RC ’19), Rachel Gearing (WC ’18), Georgia Stockton (RC ’19), Frankie Muldoon (DC ’19), Samuel Davidson (BC ’17)
Griffin Stephens (BC ’20), Zoe Sanchez (UC ’20), Allison Smith (BC ’18), Cody Wood (DC ’19)


Future consideration: Patrick Burns (HC ’11), Carl Cleveland (BC ’20), Tevan Dixon (RC ’18), Zach Davenport (TC ’18), Ty Nails (SC ’19), Austin Harris (WC ’19)


Future consideration: Jaycie Bowen (BC ’19), Kaylee Sticker (DC ’19), Holli Abernathy (UC ’11), Georgia Stockton (RC ’19), Dasha Cannon (WC ’21), Tykia Thompson (SC ’18)


Future consideration: Nolan Wheeler (LC ’20)


Future consideration: Sebastian Dunn (LC ’16), Stetson Scott (RC ’15), Charlie Ledford (CHS ’18), Judd Roberts (BC ’17), Dawson Sorrells (SC ’19), Davis Swenson (SC ’19), Collin Grant (RC ’15), Connor Bearden (DC ’18), Hudson Sapp (DC ’20), Colby Rogers (CHS ’20), CJ Thomas (BC ’18), Chase Horton (RC ’18)


Future consideration: Josh Lund (DC ’13), Ty Anglin (DC ’16), Brooks Fulford (DC ’14), David Windmiller (WC ’18), Tito Diaz (RC ’19)


Future consideration: Camryn Carter (UC ’15), Anela Melton (DC ’15), Fallan Lacey (DC ’19), Katie Pritchard (DC ’11), Hope Kenney (LC ’20), Faithe Robinson (TC ’14), McKenzie Simpson (BC ’16), Mackenzie Callas (DC ’17), Madison Yost (UC ’19), Gabby Kennedy (BC ’17), Bella Ramey (WC ’20), Molly Meunchen (DC ’21), Brenna Innis (UC ’18), Lauren Barnes (RC ’21)


Future consideration: Izzy Kinard (LC ’19), Chloe Smith (BC ’21), Gabe Martin (BC ’18), Ben Smith (SC ’19)


Future consideration: Caroline Craig (WC ’19), Catie Craig (WC ’21), Dawson Fricks (HC ’17), Molly Vinson (RC ’15), Sydney Morgan (DC ’18), McKenzie McRee (CHS ’19)


Future consideration: Guy Gober (RC ’19), Wes Ledford (BC ’18), Griffin Stephens (BC ’20), Jackson Ramey (BC ‘20), Carlos Kelley (DC ’19)

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