Playoffs on the pitch: Round 1 Previews

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Soccer playoffs are here! Here are the opening round matchups (in order from highest-lowest classification).


Class 6A – April 25

#4 Habersham Central @ #1 Chattahoochee

Records: Habersham Raiders (7-8-1); Chattahoochee (10-3-3)
Inside the Numbers: The Raiders don’t allow many goals (34 total; 2.1/game) but also don’t score much (22 goals). Chattahooche has only allowed 17 goals on the season (1/game) and scored 39 (2.4/game).

Class 3A – April 27

#3 Dawson County @ #2 Jackson County

Records: Dawson County Tigers (5-7-1); Jackson County (6-10)
Inside the Numbers: Just 24 goals scored for the Tigers (1.8/game) and allowed 32 (2.5) so it’s a non-favorable scoring deficit. Jackson County has allowed 40 goals, however, so Dawson will like that. Jackson also closed the regular season with five straight losses, including the last four being shut out.

#4 Lumpkin County @ #1 Morgan County

Records: Lumpkin County Indians (8-7-1); Morgan County (12-3-1)
Inside the Numbers: Just 18 goals allowed this season by Morgan County (1.1/game), while being just as lethal on the flip side with 52 goals scored (3.3/game). 6 shutouts for Morgan; Lumpkin also can score (41 goals) and play defense (5 shutouts).

Class 2A – April 27

#3 Rabun County @ #2 Pepperell

Records: Rabun County Wildcats (6-4); Pepperell (12-4)
Inside the Numbers: Solid defense for Rabun (16 goals allowed; 1.6/game), and can find the back of the net (25 goals; 2.5/game). Pepperell has 8 shutouts this year (21 goals against; 1.3/game). They have an unbelievable 68 goals (4.3/game), but four games they recorded 10 or more goals and another with 8 goals, so take those five blowouts out of the equation and the team is averaging just 1.7 per game, which is much more manageable.


Class 4A – April 27

#3 White County @ #2 North Oconee

Records: White County Lady Warriors (8-7-2); North Oconee (11-4-2)
Inside the Numbers: 54 goals for White County (3.2/game), but they’ve also been shut out four times. The defense has produced six clean sheets as well. North Oconee’s defense is stellar (8 shutouts; 18 goals allowed [1.1/game]). Their offense has 52 goals (3.1)

Class 3A – April 26

#2 Dawson County vs #3 Monroe Area

Records: Dawson County Lady Tigers (11-2); Monroe Area (10-6-1)
Inside the Numbers: The Lady Tigers have an ELITE defense, giving up just 11 goals all season (0.9/game) and five of those were in one loss to Flowery Branch (powerhouse). Take that one out, and they’ve allowed just 6 in the other 12 games (0.5/game). This includes 9 shutouts on the year. The offense has 74 goals (INCREDIBLE), so they’re good for 5.7/game. Dawson has 7 straight wins. Monroe scores a LOT (66 goals; 3.9/game), but have a hole in the defense 47 allowed (2.8/game).

#3 Lumpkin County @ #2 Morgan County

Records: Lumpkin County Lady Indians (11-4-1); Morgan County (3-5-1)
Inside the Numbers: 7 shutouts for Lumpkin, and have 55 goals (3.4/game). Morgan has scored 18 (2/game) but allow 3.1 (28 total).

Class 2A – April 26

#3 Rabun County @ #2 Dade County

Records: Rabun County Lady Wildcats (4-6); Dade County (13-2)
Inside the Numbers: 30 goals for Rabun (3/game) opposed to 51 allowed (5.1/game). Dade County elite defense of 21 goals allowed (1.4) and have scored 57 (3.8).

Class 1A – April 26

#3 Towns County @ #2 Christian Heritage

Records: Towns County Lady Indians (8-4); Christian Heritage (5-7)
Inside the Numbers: Very balanced Lady Indians team; 48 goals scored by Towns (4/game), and only 13 allowed (0.9). Christian Heritage allows 2 goals/game (24 total), and scores 2.5/game (30 total).


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