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PLAY of the YEAR: Austin Jones’ TD sends Rabun to State Title game

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After watching Austin Jones’ 73-yd TD to send the Rabun Wildcats to the 2A State Championship game over and over again, it might really be the best play we at BLITZ have EVER seen in person.

It was clutch for one. The Wildcats led by a slim 17-12 margin and had been pinned back inside their own five-yard line with time running out against Brooks County. Failure to move the chains would result in the visiting Trojans getting the last shot on offense and leaving it up to the Rabun defense — which no doubt the Cats’ defense would have been more than up to the challenge.

Bailey Fisher connected with Braxton Hicks to move the chains and create more space, putting the Cats at the 27-yard line. On the next play, Fisher went to his first-read to Jones out in open space right at the line of scrimmage. The Brooks County defense had three chances to bring him down, but he single-handedly rejected all attempts and refused to accept that the play was dead.

Once he pushed off the last defender, it was off to the races, and not many can catch Jones, who proved himself an elite talent this fall in all facets of the game — offense, defense and special teams. Jones finished with well over 1,000 all-purpose yards and 137 tackles.

Jones’ 73-yard run to the end zone sealed the victory for the Wildcats and sent them to their first-ever State Championship game. It was clutch, and it was an amazing individual feat.

WATCH “The Play” for yourself…there’s no denying its greatness!

RESULTS from Finals
#3 Austin Jones sheds 3 tackles in Semis 3,924, #2 Gainesville 81-yd Hail Mary 1,475
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