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Play of the Year: Sweet 16 Voting (8 Matchups)

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In an 18-play bracket, the top 14 plays received a bye. That left only two matchups to be decided by your votes. Continue reading for results and today’s voting matchup for the second round. #16 beat #18 as Rabun’s Braxton Hicks 69-yd TD from Bailey Fisher was voted over Coey Watson’s TD pass to Ryan Glass. #17 upset #15 with Rabun’s Cole Keener 62-yd TD to go ahead in a win over White County was voted over Chestatee’s Nick Lyles’ soaring TD in the opening week.

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  1. Braxton Hicks & Cole Keener TD catches from Bailey Fisher (Quarterfinals)
  2. Gainesville 81-yd Hail Mary (Week 7)
  3. Austin Jones 73-yd TD in Semis win (Semifinals)
  4. Nick Lyles 96-yd TD (Week 5)
  5. Kaleb Crane’s 83-yd TD on first play of Rnd 1 playoff game (Rnd 1)
  6. AJ to Donovan Curry 89-yd TD (Week 5)
  7. Bailey Fisher 41-yd TD to open Sweet 16 (Sweet 16)
  8. Rabun trick play Fisher-Horton-Jones (Week 1)
  9. Coey Watson 100th career TD (Week 10)
  10. Bailey Fisher’s 100th career passing TD (Week 11)
  11. AJ to Donovan Curry 59-yd TD vs rivals/former team on 1st play (Week 4)
  12. Cole Wright – Austin Pattee TD vs North Hall (Week 8)
  13. Austin Jones 47-yd state finals TD from Bailey Fisher (State Championship)
  14. Kaleb Crane 53-yd TD vs Habersham (Week 2)
  15. Nick Lyles soars over the goal line (Week 0)
  16. Braxton Hicks 69-yd TD from Bailey Fisher (Week 9)
  17. Cole Keener puts White Co/Rabun game to bed w/ 62-yd TD from Fisher (Week 3)
  18. Coey Watson hooks up with Ryan Glass (Week 6)

Play of the Year Rnd 2


#1 – Rabun INCREDIBLE TD catches by Braxton Hicks & Cole Keener in Semifinals vs #16 Rabun Braxton Hicks 69-yd TD catch

#2 Gainesville 81-yd game-tying Hail Mary vs Habersham vs #17 Rabun’s Cole Keener 62-yd game-winning TD vs White County

#3 Rabun’s Austin Jones shoves off three tacklers and races for 73-yd TD to send Wildcats to a state title game vs #9 Coey Watson’s 100th career TD

#4 Nick Lyles’ 96-yd TD vs #10 Bailey Fisher’s 100th career passing TD

#5 White’s Kaleb Crane goes 83 yards on opening play in playoff game vs #11 Habersham’s AJ to Donovan Curry  on first play of game against rivals/former team

#6 AJ to Donovan Curry 89-yd TD vs #12 Union’s Cole Wright to Austin Pattee TD pass

#7 Rabun’s Bailey Fisher opens 2nd round of playoffs with 41-yd TD run vs #13 Austin Jones 47-yd TD catch from Fisher in state finals game

#8 Rabun trick play TD, Bailey Fisher lateral pass to Chase Horton to wide open Austin Jones vs #14 White’s Kaleb Crane 53-yd TD run vs Habersham


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