BLITZ Girls Soccer Player of the Year Finalists

We recently unveiled the 2022 BLITZ Girls Soccer Player of the Year Nominees. There were 52 individuals represented on that list. We have narrowed down the finalist pool to SEVEN up for Player of the Year. Now, we are putting it up for a Fan Vote to determine the LAST FINALIST to join the other seven finalists. Of the nominees who we didn’t put in the finalist group, we took a max of one per school to be included for this vote. VOTE FOR LAST FINALIST by using the link or scrolling below. Voting is unlimited and ends Thursday at 2 PM.

Sarah Clark – Habersham Central JR F #23

STATS: 27 G, 8 A, School Single-Season Goal Record, 1st Team All-Region

Abby Eison – Jefferson SR F #4

STATS: 33 G (School Record), 9 A, 1st Team All-Region

Nicole Limehouse – Lumpkin County JR F #21

STATS: 26 G, 13 A

Rylie Livingston – Towns County SR D #2

STATS: 3 G, 1.75 GAA, 7 Shutouts, Defensive Leader

Hazen Ramey – White County JR F #3

STATS: 44 G, 10 A, School Single-Season Goals (44) & Career Goals (82) Leader

Ivy Tolbert – Commerce SO M #10

STATS: 104 G, 42 A, 250 Pts, 11.4 Pts/Game, School Record for Single-Season Goals, Pts, and Pts/Game

Lara Turner – Union County SO F #21

STATS: 21 G, 9 A



  • I vote for Julia Knight, she has been a super power with great strategies and very powerful team player, that certainly brought her team to this exciting place of winning. She is a precious and special girl tp bring her team to this exciting place of VICTORY!! CONGRATULATIONS for all your hard earned team work. Love ❤️ you special one,
    Nana Nana pooh


  • Haleigh Loughrey

    I vote for Julia knight. She is not only an amazing, sweet, goofy little sister. She sure is an outstanding soccer player!!!!!


  • I vote for Julia knight! Girl has big dreams, and an even brighter future with soccer! She deserves to go! To show just how good she is!


    • Rigged how? Or by whom?


      • Blitz


      • Makes no sense. You have no idea the time put into doing these and trying to recognize so many players. This sounds like whoever you wish was a finalist isn’t and you’re just not happy about it. We ask coaches for nominations, use our judgement to come up with a finalist pool, then have an internal voting panel of 2 dozen people who vote on the winner. Hard to see anything rigged about that, let alone the fact that we gain absolutely nothing by one player winning over another.


    • It’s not rigged. I’ve been watching the entire time and our player has consistently gone up in votes as we’ve been voting.


    • It’s not rigged. We’ve been watching the counts as we’ve all been voting and they have been going up accordingly.


  • That one person

    Cheating is how old joe got elected and look how that turned out 😂 …. No cheating


    • What do you consider cheating? I don’t think having a large invested family who consistently votes is cheating.


  • Go JULIA!!

    Liked by 1 person

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