Rabun’s Braxton Hicks/Gunner Stockton voted Play of the Year for 2018

After two weeks of voting in four rounds of voting, some 23-thousand votes later, and it’s been determined by the public that Braxton Hicks’ incredible TD catch in the opening round of the state playoffs was the 2018 Play of the Year! The play edged out Tre Luttrell’s 74-yd TD by a voting tally of 2,827-2,141.

Braxton Hicks acrobatic TD catch

WHEN: RND 1 [NOV 9] / Rabun vs Spencer
Gunner Stockton heaved one 25 yards out to a Braxton Hicks that had two hands in his face. Turning to the ball and falling back, he caught the ball seemingly behind the cornerback, as the ball went right between his arms. Hicks secured the grab despite a hard fall in the end zone. Big game, big moment, big play!

“I didn’t think I was going to catch it because the DB was all over me and I could not really see the ball that good til the last second when it got to my hands. Once I realized I caught it, I was all jacked up. But my man G-Money [Gunner Stockton] always gives me the best opportunity to catch the ball.”

-Braxton Hicks, WR

“I knew when I threw it, that Braxton was going to go up and catch it because that’s what he always does.”

-Gunner Stockton, QB
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