Play of the Year: Final Vote

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After three rounds of voting, we’re down to the final square-off to determine the BLITZ Football Play of the Year! #1 and #2 edged out wins in the semifinals round, so it pits what we felt coming in were the top 2 plays of the year. Now it’s your call to determine who wins: #1 Braxton Hicks incredible TD catch, or #2 Tre Luttrell’s first career play for the Raiders, an athletic 74-yd TD.

  • RND 1 – Voting DEC 6 – DEC 9
  • QUARTERFINALS – Voting DEC 10 – 12
  • SEMIFINALS – Voting DEC 13 – 16
  • FINALS – Voting DEC 17-20

UNLIMITED VOTINGNote: If you’re a frequent voter (voting a lot from a device) during this round, be sure since we hide the results (for suspense) to reset your cache settings every now and then to ensure all of your votes are counted. Computers/devices will begin to pull up previous versions of the page when you refresh over and over again.

#1 def #12 2,717-2,568 [5,285 votes] / #2 def #3 240-169 [409 votes]

#1: Braxton Hicks acrobatic TD catch

WHEN: RND 1 [NOV 9] / Rabun vs Spencer
Gunner Stockton heaved one 25 yards out to a Braxton Hicks that had two hands in his face. Turning to the ball and falling back, he caught the ball seemingly behind the cornerback, as the ball went right between his arms. Hicks secured the grab despite a hard fall in the end zone. Big game, big moment, big play!

2019 Bob & Teds GIF

#2: Tre Luttrell 74-yd TD on first play as a Raider

WHEN: WEEK 0 [AUG 17] / Habersham vs Dawson
A bad snapped looked to be a blown up play, but new Habersham QB Tre Luttrell scooped it up, avoided getting hit for a loss after slipping and nearly going down, weaved in and out of traffic, flew 74 yards to the house for six points. It was literally his first snap as a Raider, and you just can’t make this stuff up.

2019 Jacky Jones GIF
Crump GIF 2018
Casas en Georgia


  • Braxton Hicks made a miraculous catch on a rainy cold night to clinch a last minute touchdown. I think he deserves player of the year! Unforgettable play!


  • As I review the video of the play, Gunner made an incredible pass in order for Braxton to catch the football
    in the end zone while he had several opponents’ hands and arms waving in his face, I believe both Gunner Stockton AND Braxton Hicks deserve the honor of both being players of the year!.


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